Counseling for Christians

Is there a difference between Christian counseling and secular counseling?


Christian counseling and secular counseling are the same in the sense that the main goal of the sessions done is to help people solve their dilemmas in life.  To be happy and fulfilled in life is what Christian counseling and secular counseling aims to see for people with problems.  Being mentally and emotionally stable is the aim of whether it be Christian counselling or secular counseling. Majority of counselors possess graduate degrees and learned their expertise over the years.


Counseling may mean a lot of things.


The act of giving advice and extending encouragement to a person is an act of Counseling.  Counseling also covers sharing of one's skills and wisdom.  Resolving conflicts and and setting goals form part of counseling. Regardless of when the problem happened, counselors usually probe into past events in a person's life to be able to understand on how to deal with the current situation. It is the role of the counselor to trace the causes of psychological problems such as physical and chemical imbalances.  Resolving people's conflicts and restoring people's relationships is one of the major parts of counseling.


What is the the foundation of Christian counseling?


While they may appear to be the same because of their objectives, Christian counseling is different from secular counseling.


There is a unique phase in Christian Counseling as compared to secular counseling. Look up Grief Counseling Mesquite online to know more about your options. 


Christian counseling seeks to know which part of the Christian's life is disobedient to the Bible. The Christian counselor carefully encourages the Christian person to seek God to be able to walk in His will faithfully and with ease. The Christian counselor follows  standard set of guideline on which they measure the progress of the Christian person which eventually leads the person back to God.


The Bible is used as the basis of all truth, following the verse in Timothy which says that all Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.


There is no definite measure of success by which the secular counselor evaluates his or her counselee.  Secular counseling instead uses the latest psychological findings or societal norm as the measure to evaluate the condition of a person's progress.


And such standards are dynamic meaning they keep on changing from time to time.


The morals and choices of a person is therefore not judged in secular counseling as it has no definite measure to evaluate such. In Christian counseling, a man's nature, his or her marriage and family, his obstacles and a lot of things related to him or her can be addressed by the practical wisdom found in the Bible. Secular counseling is indefinite when it comes to measure of success while Christian counseling has definite terms. Go to to get started.